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Skater Dolly Level 5 - 120/240cm


Skater Dolly Level 5 - 120/240cm Myt works
Slider de 1,2 mètres ou 2,4 mètres, en bol 75,100 et 150.
Se fixe sur trépied caméra ou pied lumière, se pose au sol ou sur des cubes.

The MYT Works Level 5 Universal Skater Kit includes the multi-purpose Level 5 Skater Dolly and various mounting adapters, tripod half-ball adapter, Baby/Junior stand adapter, and other popular accessories.

The Level 5 Skater Dolly is a modular system designed to set up in numerous creative configurations in minutes and deliver smooth camera movement. Spring-loaded wheel modules grip the rails for controlled motion while keeping your camera setup securely on the track, and the wheel lock prevents runaway motion. Skater plates can be used as rigging plates and mounted on legs/rods or speed rail of any length to create a stationary support.

The Level 5 Skater Dolly is suitable for any camera, from mid-sized to highly-rigged, full-sized models like the ARRI ALEXA. The rails mount on tripods, Junior stands, light/Baby/C-stands, 19mm or speed rail legs, Baby feet, and various grip alternatives. Flat mount, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, and Mitchell camera mounts are supported.

The Level 5 Skater Dolly is designed, manufactured, and assembled in New York City from machined, industrial-grade steel and aluminum. No cumbersome or special tools are required for setup or breakdown.

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  • 1x Level 5 Skater Dolly Plate
  • 4x Spring Loaded Wheel Module
  • 1x Safety Hook
  • 1x Middle Support Truss
  • 4x Custom Speed Rail Pair
  • 2x Speed Rail Connector
  • 4x Rosette Caps
  • 4x Rosette Leg Adapters
  • 2x Female Baby Pin Adapter
  • 1x Wooden Handle
  • 2x 8" End Truss
  • 1x Doughnut Flush Plate
  • 4x Mini Step Rods
  • 1x 150mm Bowl
  • 1x 100mm Doughnut
  • 1x Truss-to-Tripod Adapter
  • 1x Truss-to-Junior/Baby Stand Combo Adapter
  • 1x SRP Locking Bolt